The Benefits Live Chat Systems Can Provide an Online Business

A business that presents their products or service online has the perennial issue of being disconnected with their customers. In a brick and mortar store setting, when a customer has a concern, all he has to do is go to the salesperson and voice out that issue, with the salesperson trying his or her best to address the customer’s query. In a e-commerce site without live chat capabilities, those concerns will not be answered in real time. With that practice, it is expected that a good number of customers would be left wanting for better service, increasing the chances of them not continuing their business with the website. Thus, in an effort to convince customers to stay with them, many businesses have considered and actually added live chat support to their e-commerce sites. This feature apparently does not only give customers the immediate attention they demand, but also provides businesses more benefits than just the obvious customer satisfaction.

So, how does having a live person chat with shoppers in real time benefit a business?

Since it is convenient for customers, they will be more encouraged to shop, which is obviously good for business.

Studies reveal that even if shopping online, e-commerce website users still wish they could get help from an actual live person. In fact, shoppers deem getting answers from a live person (as opposed to an automated one) is an important feature websites can offer that they will appreciate. With a system that has live chat, customers have access to immediate assistance. This is deemed better than calling a customer service representative in a call center that may take minutes, even hours, to solve a customer’s concern. In a live conversation through chat boxes, CSRs can address more than one customer without having to put then on hold. Moreover, the procedure is less of a hassle as calling a 1-800 number has become synonymous to navigating through a series of taxing options before finally talking to a live person. This is not the case for chatting systems. with a less stressful system of getting help, customers would be more focused on shopping, and the rest make up for a pleasurable online shopping expernce.

Live chat lowers business expenditures.

live chatCustomer service dependent on phone set-ups require investment on phone lines, an ideally toll-free number, and manpower who would need to man the phones 24 by 7. In a chat set-up, there is no need to invest on phone lines, nor is there a need to employ shift of people to answer the phones at all times, in some businesses even during holidays. Office space will also be a required investment for phone-based customer service, because otherwise, businesses would need to spend on systems that would allow employees to answer phone queries in remote locations. On the other hand, chat systems can be accessed by employees anymore, thus making it unnecessary to invest on office space or premium holiday pay. Moreover, aside from employees answering through chat in more comfortable locations, they would also be able to handle multiple conversations at the same time. This means there would be less of a need to hire more customer care employees. Also, the number of customers waiting for their turn to be assisted is cut drastically.

Ultimately, live chat increases sales.

Chat systems in studies conducted on websites that have installed them ultimately improve sales figures. Online chat systems make customers more contented with the service they get, converting them from interested shoppers to actual buyers. This is because somebody can guide them through buying in real time, without factors such as the voice on the other line getting impatient or one party in the conversation forgetting what has been said earlier. With a live chat system, a party can just scroll up to review the conversation and scroll down to move on. Moreover, customer service agents can recommend other products easily. In a phone conversation, the CSR would need to guide the customer to where the product he is recommending is on the website. Compare this to a chat conversation wherein the CSR can just post a link for the customer to click on and possibly buy, which will increase additional purchases.

These three factors definitely point to live hat systems being beneficial. With a substantially smaller initial investment, installing this system on their e-commerce site can reap more benefits for their business.

4 Reasons Why Your Should Visit the TaylorMade Golf Experience

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is a golfer’s paradise set only a few minutes away from the rambunctious Las Vegas strip. Currently undergoing a major renovation, it will hold a grand re-opening this fall. You’ll be sure to find the new 10,000 square feet complex wonderful. Here are a few reasons why you should check it out.

1. Enjoy peace and tranquility in Las Vegas

The Taylormade Golf Experience is located a few minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. Before or after spending a few hours enjoying the views and casinos of the noisy area, this destination is great for winding down from all that noise and excitement. Shoot a few holes, breathe the clean air, and enjoy the quiet that you can’t possibly have in downtown Las Vegas. Finally, you can get that panoramic view of Las Vegas that you can’t quite get from the airplane, or on your way to the hotel!

2. Try the Tuned Performance

TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf recently introduced its Tuned Performance. This golf equipment fitting combines science, art, and technology to allow players to have a unique and impactful experience with each game. Tuned performances aren’t like traditional custom fittings because these focus on enhancing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. This experience will surely let out the best golfer inside you.

The first step in the Tuned Performance experience is a data-gathering process. This step helps establish a shared understanding of your current game state and our desired game state. Afterwards, specialists analyze the data and use TaylorMade equipment technologies to find the best distance and direction for you to fire your shots.

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is a must-go destination for those interested in undergoing the Tuned Performance. They have two bays for customized fitting and optimization of playing style waiting for you.

3. Play golf.

Of course, what use is a golfer’s paradise if you can’t play golf? There is really nothing similar to the par-3 course found in TaylorMade Golf Experience. First, it has a spectacular view of the Las Vegas strip. Second, the nine-hole complex will surely be fun and challenging. It’s designed similar to Tour greens, and each hole can range from 110 to 185 yards each. Third, it is specially lighted for night play. Fourth, you can enjoy the reflection of the surrounding desert landscape. All in all, this course is very wonderful for both long and short games.

There’s also a practice range in this complex, which boasts being the largest in Las Vegas. There are 113 stations, where you can choose to hit from a synthetic or a natural turf. The five target greens are strategically positioned on the environmentally friendly, manmade surface. Take dead aim at one of these to practice your shots. The range is specially designed to receive shots as if they are real grass in the dry Las Vegas Valley.

Can’t wait until the opening? The par-3 course is open for business even while renovations are being made. The new TaylorMade Golf experience, which will open in fall, is a must-go destination for all types of golfers around the world.

4. Go shopping!

There’s nothing quite like entering a humungous golf store that contains allgolf equipment you might possibly need. The new retail area will be more than 4,500 square feet big, boasting the latest TaylorMade equipment, Adidas Golf, soft goods and accessories, and Ashworth footwear and apparel. After having your Tuned Performance, or while at a practice session at the range or a quick game on the par-3 course, you may find something lacking among your stuff. A quick little strut to the nearby store will easily provide you with anything missing.

The Manager’s Role in Internet Marketing

Managers and agents play a key role in developing a band or an artist’s reputation. They need to have the eyes for talent and the ears for the trends.

online-marketing-disciplinesThey set the schedule for the tours and book the shows. And they also develop the bond of the group if it is needed. Another aspect that the manager or agent needs to do is promoting the band. They need to mediate the artist to the public so that they can be heard. The job here is to answer the questions, why should we listen to them? And what makes them so different? Often times, managers can make or break the band. The success usually depends on the relevance of the group in the scene. But manager must understand what’s happening out there to get things right. Not only in the music but also how it’s promoted.

Today managers and agents do not seem to monopolize on internet marketing. Maybe to some degree they do but only to a very little extent. Public relations nowadays have changed dramatically. This generation is, more often than not, wired. They are connected to the internet daily. Managers still rely on booking their artist’s shows through connections in the business. This, of course, is very important so that the artist can have inside connections. But even the industry itself has transformed.

A huge market is on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Managers do come up with plans for their internet marketing but usually lacks the consistency. One factor for utilizing internet marketing is having internet presence. Being searchable on Google is a must nowadays. An artist is virtually non-existent if he or she can’t be searched on the web.

Creating a website for the band is a huge step in internet marketing. The very fact that there is a domain for the artist already makes him or her exist in the hyper-connected world. But a great way to quicken the growth of traffic is by optimizing the search. SEO or search engine optimization is a method in internet marketing that boosts the rankings of a certain website ‘organically’. This means the band can be promoted on the internet by optimizing their appearance on search engines.

This is one aspect that agents often neglect – the website. It is very essential that the manager or agent maintains the website. SEO firms can help develop the content of the page. Google and other search engines track the websites in their sitemap. Here the search engine collects data by their content, structure and relevance. These are based on the reliability of the sources of the site. How it is connected with the web master is also a factor. For managers and agents this means putting in content on the page. Having media on the website, such as mp3 files and videos, are a great way to interact with the audience. But for the site to really be seen, it needs to have text. Search engines are able to locate relevant websites by their html and text, which means having updates like reviews and blogs gives good boosts. Managers can opt to have SEO companies have their content writers do this for them, so that certain keywords can be punched in for efficiency. But having inside information is also another plus f
or the website to gain quality of its content.

After having all of those woven together, disseminating would be the next step. This is where the manager can really make use of active internet marketing. With a lot of shares on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, the band website can develop more relevance to the search engine and also boosts its reputation as a reliable source. The important role for band managers and agents, today, is really to make use of the tools on the web to spread the website in various social media available.